48 hours of Eleven Minutes


If you’re wondering about the title, it took me a couple of days to finish the book.

Wow…..there have been stories that ignited my imagination, others that made the hair on my skin stand and then comes along a gem that simply consolidates and adds more colour to what I’ve already felt and thought of in my life.

I’ve heard much about “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and it’s been on my reading list for a long time. If you’re wondering why I’d have something on my reading list for a long time, it’s because I’m old fashioned. I love the feeling of the paper under my fingers as I turn the pages, the smell of new books, browsing the book shelves at local libraries and bookshops. There’s a whole world out there and all I need to do is to touch the spine of a book to make it part of mine. I digress.

On such a trip I saw the book “Eleven Minutes” and found the synopsis to be thoughtful, engaging and provocative. As many amazon reviewers have said, one needs to read this book with an open mind since that is the way “Eleven Minutes” can help you see beyond your horizons. Coming from a conservative background I’ve grown much and am glad of my evolved sense of non judgment which helped me appreciate the more hard to swallow parts of this book.

It’s a story of a young woman, Maria from the interiors of Brazil dreaming of larger than life experiences including love, fame, fortune and adventure. I could relate to her search of love and adventure but I could not quite wrap my head around the need to be famous. Perhaps it was her way of proving to her school mates of her small home town, that she had the last laugh.

If ever an author captures the explosion of thoughts and the myriad of feelings that we try so hard to contain, it’s Paulo Coelho.

Apart from the controversial nature of Maria’s profession, I could completely understand her hopes, frustrations, heartbreaks, disappointments and how she grows in maturity from a naive young girl purely by putting a positive spin to an otherwise demeaning existence and her perpetual need to learn. It is most of all a journey of self discovery: both of one’s limitations and excellence.

The transformation of how she views love from cynicism to one of absolute sacredness, completely resonated with me. I was in tears and am completely awestruck at how Paulo Coelho can most accurately describe the perceptions and different types of love we can feel.

But this is not a story about love alone. It deals with the making of it. How men and women have performed this dance since our beginnings. It’s beautifully put into context in the grand scheme of our lives and in this desensitized times of free porn and music video twerking(miley cyrus, blurred lines anyone?), how sex can be sacred and primal, soul baring and encapsulating all at the same time.

Until the last chapter of the book, there was a sense of bitter sweetness which was the perfect culmination of this book and if ever I had any complaints, it would be about the last couple of pages. Perhaps it was the cliched ending. I admit once I read the last page I’ve been slightly depressed since that kind of ending only exists in fairy tales in a land far away and only once upon a time.

In my experience, humanity does not seek such magic anymore which is quite sad. Another profound theme explored in this book, was the value of time and that hit me like a ton of bricks. Our lives are measured in time and we sell it to others. However we cannot buy it back. It really put certain things into perspective for me.

It will not be the magical book to help people understand why men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs still holds true and It is my humble opinion that men and women cannot be stereotyped when it comes to matters of the heart and body. Each person needs to be seen, heard and felt in order to understand how we can complement each other in this journey called life.

Rating: ****

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Take a bow – Interstellar official logo and teaser trailer now online

If any one can claim a stellar film making record, it’s Christopher Nolan.


The man needs no introduction, so much so that teaser trailer and logo only mention that it’s a film by him and none of his previous work are even acknowledged as if such critical and commercial successes are superfluous. I admire his work ethic, vision and how he has pretty much climbed the echelons of his industry within a relatively short span of time. He has managed to create brand “Christopher Nolan” with such compulsion, that there’s a simplicity laden with high expectations when his name is attached to a film.

The teaser has an inspiring narrative by Matthew McConaughey played with a beautiful background piece by Hans Zimmer featuring, i think, pipe organs. Formerly, this sorta inspiring monologues were Morgan Freeman’s forte but I love the words, the gravity of letting go of shackles to reach beyond the stars. I was really moved by this trailer that focuses on the resilience and abilities of the human kind to pioneer and exceed expectations for greatness, the importance of neither forgetting nor ignoring our innate sense of curiosity. If only people’s sense of humanity can reach those dizzying heights as shown in the trailer, or maybe i’m asking for too much.

However, the teaser does not reveal any plot details and I love that about Nolan’s marketing team: they play the cards close to their chest and don’t spoil the movie going audience’s experience of getting that sense of novelty and discovery when actually watching the movie for the first time.

Without further ado, behold Interstellar: teaser trailer:)

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This is a call of arms to live and love and sleep together – MGMT The Youth

Kings of Summer (2013)


Why live when you can rule and rule they did, my thoughts and emotions, long after the closing credits. I’m talking about Kings of Summer: the official selection of Sundance 2013.

This is a gem of a movie and is easily one of my favorite coming of age comedies. With a young cast from popular TV shows and seasoned comedic actors in supporting roles, each character was memorable with his/her own eccentricities shining through with brilliant acting across the board.

The story starts off with Joe Toy’s constant struggle at home with his over bearing father Frank Toy. Joe’s best friend Patrick Keenan on the hand, is the only child and is smothered by his quirky parents affections to the extent of giving him hives.

After a game night that goes awry with police called in and an end of school drinking binge being unceremoniously cut short, the friends are grounded and decide on putting their stamp of independence by moving out to a secret spot in the local woods. To complete this motley crew, is a bizarre kid named Biaggio, who tags along to build a not too shabby house in the woods.

The trio free from all adult supervision have a merry old time in the woods, exploring, making pacts, and making do with some modern conveniences like store bought chicken from Boston Market.

The complications and true coming of age experiences arise when, Joe Toy invites his crush Kelly to a house warming party and lets just say, his romantic ambitions don’t really come to fruition.

Following a fall out of friends, Joe Toy being left alone in his house and an unwelcome snake creeping into it, tests of friendships and family abound with Joe figuring out while in hospital, that love is sometimes unrequited, true friends literally will take a bullet or a snake bite for you and that being independent men( or women) mean taking everything life throws at you on the chin, making one all the wiser and stronger for it.

This movie has it all, a moment of pure heartbreak, suspense and laugh out loud scenes most of which are courtesy of Biaggio.

I have to also comment on the cinematography which is absolutely beautiful with scenes of golden fields, looking at the sun through spread fingers, the rushing waters of the stream and an excellent complimentary soundtrack including the aforementioned MGMT – Youth. The comedic timing is right on the spot with the young cast more than holding their own in this Sundance featurette.

This is a definite must see if you want to reminisce teenage amours and adventures to get a kick of nostalgia in our grown up lives.

Rating: 7.5/10

kos 2

Pics: courtesy of http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2179116/

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