Take a bow – Interstellar official logo and teaser trailer now online

If any one can claim a stellar film making record, it’s Christopher Nolan.


The man needs no introduction, so much so that teaser trailer and logo only mention that it’s a film by him and none of his previous work are even acknowledged as if such critical and commercial successes are superfluous. I admire his work ethic, vision and how he has pretty much climbed the echelons of his industry within a relatively short span of time. He has managed to create brand “Christopher Nolan” with such compulsion, that there’s a simplicity laden with high expectations when his name is attached to a film.

The teaser has an inspiring narrative by Matthew McConaughey played with a beautiful background piece by Hans Zimmer featuring, i think, pipe organs. Formerly, this sorta inspiring monologues were Morgan Freeman’s forte but I love the words, the gravity of letting go of shackles to reach beyond the stars. I was really moved by this trailer that focuses on the resilience and abilities of the human kind to pioneer and exceed expectations for greatness, the importance of neither forgetting nor ignoring our innate sense of curiosity. If only people’s sense of humanity can reach those dizzying heights as shown in the trailer, or maybe i’m asking for too much.

However, the teaser does not reveal any plot details and I love that about Nolan’s marketing team: they play the cards close to their chest and don’t spoil the movie going audience’s experience of getting that sense of novelty and discovery when actually watching the movie for the first time.

Without further ado, behold Interstellar: teaser trailer:)

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Hi everyone, I'm a student in my 20s from Colombo with academic interests and a craving to experience everything beautiful and sad life has to offer. I hope that will make me a better person. I love movies, music and dance and I need my Terry Pratchett fix quite often in between my heavy reading for uni. I dream of being alone watching the sunrise from mountains and watching the sunset with a special someone at the beach.
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